4 thoughts on “Perugia 1997/1998 trasferta

  1. Hello Friend,
    I have a Perugia 98/99 Away Shirt (Blue with the Orange Dragon) Size XL Short Sleeve with Nakata #7 on the back. I also have a 2003-04 Perugia Match Worn Third Shirt (Blue with Toyota sponsor) Size XL with Long Sleeves that was worn by Do Prado #7 against PSV in the UEFA Cup.

    I like some of the older Perugia shirts better. Would you be willing to exchange any shirts with me? I could also include cash. This yellow shirt is my favorite of yours, but I could also exchange for the red short sleeve one you have of the same year. Thanks and all the best.

    1. Hello. I will not exchange any of the shirt you can see on this website (except the shirts that are in the page SCAMBI).
      I’m interested in buying some shirts that I miss in collection (look here), but I’m not interested to sell anything.

      BTW, the orange dragon (as you call it) is a GRYPHON. The dragon, instead, is the symbol of the team of our worst enemies of Ternana.

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